Containerised Data Centre

Containerised Data Centre SolutionsRittal's Data Center Container enables IT facilities to be moved outdoors, without compromising on the demanded security and flexibility. With a capacity of up to 329 U, the container provides ample space for server installations. The basic version can be expanded with a whole range of functions to further enhance security and convenience, though even the basic version offers a high degree of comfort Rittal's Data Center Container enables IT facilities to be moved outdoors, without compromising on the demanded security and flexibilityand considerable energy-saving potential through the use of direct free cooling. Another feasible application for the Data Center Container is to bridge an otherwise unavoidable loss of IT services during moves or renovation work.

The most important IT functions can be maintained even if the main data centre has to be taken offline. The short-term availability, a high level of security and individual configuration options permit users to set up an ultramodern data centre within the shortest possible time.

With the Data Centre Container, Rittal offers a solution which permits not only short-term deployment, but also adaptation to the most varied scenarios connected with data centre expansion. The Rittal Data Centre Container (RDCC) is a fully functional data centre comprising several racks and accommodated in a transportable container. Building upon a basic version, a wide range of options enables functionality to be expanded and in this way an individually tailored data centre to be configured within the form factor of a standard shipping container.

The Data Centre Container can be deployed with the shortest possible delay. Thanks to the plug-and-play concept behind the container, the power supply and all network connections can be established quickly and simply.


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Data Centre Container

Data Centre Container

The Rittal Data Centre Container has been speci´Čücally designed for the mobile or temporary use of IT systems

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