Data Centre Management

Data Centre ManagementEnsure your data centre performs to its optimum via Rittal’s RiZone monitoring system.

- Permanent RiZone monitoring provides clear data trend developments, identifying hot spots on servers or pending phase overloads early, allowing the user to respond promptly.

- RiZone provides data on energy consumption of individual racks and complete data centres and conveys PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) of all components for energetic optimisation of the data centre

- RiZone’s flow of comprehensive information enables the user to reliably plan the expansion or improvement of IT infrastructure

- RiZone: Simple, Comprehensive And Profitable For Users.

- All active Rittal data centre components are automatically detected and administered in the user interface.

- Any components that support the SNMP protocol may be incorporated and are able to use all RiZone functions.

- A workflow editor represents all mathematical operations and configures components comprehensively for optimum linking of all parameters, and therefore offers brand new opportunities for optimising the entire infrastructure.

- Customer-focused licence model: All potential applications – from the server room to the data centre – may be represented.


From a single rack to a large server farm, RiZone offers full functionality for controlling and monitoring all IT components.


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CMC III Monitoring System

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Dynamic Rack Control

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RiZone – Perfect Data Centre Management

RiZone – Perfect Data Centre Management

RiZone is the management platform for all components in the data centre

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