Fire Suppression System

Fire Suppression SystemThe fire suppression systems from Rittal include the:


- DET-AC Plus (Detection Active Plus)

- EFD Plus (Early Fire Detection)

Designed for use in the Rittal IT rack, fitted in the 19 inch level, the data centre fire suppression system is equipped with a 2-stage smoke analysis extractor system.

A bayed rack is an optional inclusion in the monitoring and computer room fire suppression system.

The system is also suitable for use in racks with bayed air/water heat exchangers (Liquid Cooling Package, LCP). The eco-friendly, non-toxic Novec1230 is used as the data centre fire suppression medium, which means that this extinguisher system is suitable for universal use Sensitive hardware such as servers, storage and switches are not impaired by the extinguisher medium.

Thanks to the extremely sensitive detection of smoke, even in computer room racks with a high level of climate control (airflow speed), ensures that there is plenty of time to forward an alarm message either acoustically, optically via the LC display, or by connecting the integral floating contacts to the building management system or fire alarm centre and to the Rittal monitoring system CMC-TC.

The data centre fire suppression system can also be supplied purely as an early fire detection system without the extinguisher.

Early smoke detection:

Thanks to the two highly sensitive optical sensors, minute particles of smoke may be detected even in the early stages of a fire (pyrolysis phase) via the active smoke extraction.

If the 1st alarm detects smoke aerosols, a pre-alarm is triggered, next, if the 2nd alarm detects smoke, the fire extinguisher system is activated. This prevents major fires from developing.

Optional smoke analysis, extension for bayed racks:

The basic DET-AC Plus computer room fire suppression system is designed for a single rack, but neighbouring enclosures may also be incorporated via an additional pipe kit


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