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See why major companies from varying industries trust Rittal for complete Data Centre solutions

Data Centres for hospitals and health industriesRed Cross (Germany) and St Johns Ambulance use Rittal’s data centre containers with latest free cooling technology to support their life saving day to day business.

Data Centre redundancy is essential when supporting life saving technology, Rittal provides highest quality equipment as well as innovative concepts to ensure the perfect fit runs seamlessly in every environment. Rittal’s data centre container has proven to be an ideal solution in earthquake and other disaster affected areas.

Rittal understands reliability and energy efficiency are top priority – therefore we tailor CAPEX and OPEX according to your specific data centre application. Rittal’s data centre design can achieve a PUE as low as 1.1 depending on the location. Rittal’s modular safes and security rooms protect against physical risks including data theft, vandalism, floods, fire and smoke which is critical in protecting the health industry’s sensitive data.

Highest quality German engineered design ensures the market’s best data centre infrastructure. Rittal understand the critical importance of your data centre and offer a trusted business partnership. We provide extensive experience, advice, service and design.


German Red Cross

While Ulm University hospital underwent complete modernisation, The German Red Cross used Rittal’s container solutions to provide additional temporary IT capacity. During construction the data centre was exposed to extensive vibration – the data centre container protected critical assets to ensure 100% availability. German Red Cross chose to install a second container permanently at the charity head quarters – Baden Baden. The original data centre could not be expanded in line with increasing computer requirements so the Rittal container proved a good option..

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