Hosting and Co Location

See why major companies from varying industries trust Rittal for complete Data Centre solutions

Hosting & Colocation Data Centre SolutionsAustralian Security Exchange (ASX), Host Europe, Equinix and WITCOM choose Rittal for highly efficient technology and highest quality - reliable solutions.

As Co Location providers pass costs on to their customers, Rittal’s highly energy efficient power and cooling solutions allows you to remain competitive. Choose from prefabricated modular data centres with ambient air cooling or retro fit into existing building structure.

The largest OEM rack provider in the world, Rittal has extensive experience in providing a vast range of highest quality racking to major customers including IBM, Dell, and HP. With 65 subsidiaries globally, Rittal is able to support today’s co location providers worldwide. Rittal’s global intelligence and proven record ensure an excellent result for your collocation data centre wherever that may be.

Rittal tailors our solutions to your application. Choose complete turnkey solutions for multiple megawatt facilities or Rittal can simply provide required racks to supplement your current infrastructure.

Rittal understands reliability and energy efficiency are top priority – therefore we tailor CAPEX and OPEX according to your specific data centre application. Rittal’s data centre design can achieve a PUE as low as 1.1 depending on the location.

Highest quality German engineered design ensures the market’s best data centre infrastructure. Rittal understand the critical importance of your data centre and offer a trusted business partnership. We provide extensive experience, advice, service and design for your IT Infrastructure.

Reference Case Studies

Host Europe

Cologne hosting suppliers, Host Europe use Rittal’s aisle containment for their new data centre. The award winning data centre uses around 30% less energy than a conventional system.


Commonly known as Silicon Woods, Kaiseslautern is the chosen hosting location for many innovative companies. When their two existing data centres were approaching climate control limits, Kaisenslautern chose Rittal to supply an ECBIT security room as well energy efficient data centre solutions with a PUE of less than 1.3. The new data centre boasts the best efficiency ratings in Europe and saves between 30,000 – 40,000 Euro per annum in operating costs.

Did you know?

Rittal is a world leading single source provider for all IT Infrastructre
and Data Centre Solutions.

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