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See why major companies from varying industries trust Rittal for complete Data Centre solutions

Data Centre for Universities and Education IndustriesChina National University of Defence chose Rittal cooling racks and accessories to support the world’s fastest super computer – 2.56 Petaflops. Japan Tokyo Institute of Technology installed Rittal’s LCP Crac, chiller and rack technology for their 2.4 Petaflop super computer. Large data volume demands the highest quality IT infrastructure solutions – Rittal provides.

Supporting multiple campuses and a high volume of digital information, University Data Centres must provide the appropriate environment for high density computing.
Rittal supports most leading blade server technology with our water based high density cooling technology. Even high density rack loads of up to 30KW per rack can be supported through Rittal’s water based LCP cooling infrastructure.
With modular and flexible infrastructure solutions, your data centre can grow to accommodate for different department requirements. And, Rittal’s green infrastructure ensures reduced carbon omissions and less operational expenditure.

Rittal’s unique product set includes IT security rooms – they not only provide superior, holistic, physical protection, but also allow an excellent education display piece for ICT students to learn from.

Highest quality German engineered design ensures the market’s best data centre infrastructure. Rittal understand the critical importance of your data centre and offer a trusted business partnership. We provide extensive experience, advice, service and design for your IT Infrastructure.



Did you know?

Rittal is a world leading single source provider for all IT Infrastructre
and Data Centre Solutions.

High Performance Cooling Racks

High Performance Cooling Racks

The next generation of self-cooled racks for high density deployments in data centres. Supply includes: Enclosure frame with doors and rear panel; Roof plate; Gland plate; Interior installation; Earthing of all panels; Levelling feet fitted.
Fire Extinguisher Systems

Fire Alarm and Extinguisher Systems

As well as protecting against potential threats from the environment, the various fire alarm and extinguisher systems focus on identifying and extinguishing a fire inside the data centre. Early fire detection combined with an active extinguisher system prevents the destruction of your IT systems and associated data losses, and therefore safeguards your corporate processes.
LCP Cooling Systems

LCP Cooling Systems

LCP Inline: maximum energy efficiency thanks to EC fan technology and IT-based control; LCP Plus: ensure precise, problem free heat loss dissipation of up to 60kW per rack. LCP T3+: ideal for maximum cooling performance and maximum fail-safeness, thanks to redundancy of all key components...