Data Centre Issues Solved for University

Data Centre Issues Solved for University

University of Southern Queensland turn to for seek data centre protection by installing the Rittal LER secure room protecting critical IT assets and information against fire, vandalism, water, debris and theft.

The Rittal Company provides a variety of cooling and energy saving equipment for all companies in Australia and New Zealand, giving necessary solutions to all the data centre needs. This case study involved the University of South Queensland. The university student population continues to grow each year, and they consulted Rittal on upgrading and expanding its data centre.

Rittal, with the help of PowerFirm, installed a new Lampertz Efficiency Room. This device allows for consistent transmission of data and other assets while protecting the equipment from fire, theft, vandalism, weather and other criminal intents.

USQ also installed the Rittal RimatriX5 data centre solution in order to provide an energy efficient, well-cooled and secure transmission of data and electricity within the campus. The RimatriX5 system includes five integrated components: power, cooling, security, and remote monitoring.

The transformerless, modular 200kW UPS system ensures the highest level of energy effciency, eliminating the peaks and troughs associated with standard power delivery. The UPS design even allows for adding or removing power modules without switching to mains supply, thus protecting the existing installed equipment. 

For load balancing and external monitoring, USQ chose Rittal’s intelligent 3-phase power rails. 

The choice for cooling was made simple for USQ. Rittal’s LCP (Liquid Cooling Package) T3 is unique to the market featuring a dual interlaced coil, providing up to 25kW of cooling. In the event of a water circuit failure, the auto balancing of the T3 will automatically ramp the secondary circuit to cool the required load.

The Lampertz team was able to install the equipment at half the time. USQ was able to experience none of the down time and interruptions that the old system endures, and decided to decommission the old system. The University of South Queensland, with the help of Rittal and PowerFirm, was able to normalize its operations while cutting half of its energy consumption needs. The growth of the university necessitated the upgrade of their old system.


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