Flexible Security In Data Centres: IT Security Made To Measure

In almost every sector, be it financial management, logistics or mechanical engineering, critical business and production processes – taking in everything from enterprise resource planning to the telephone system – are IT-based. Failure can result in serious economic losses. Therefore, a risk prevention concept for IT structures is an essential part of the IT planning process. This is where data centres come to the fore. If IT is the central nervous system of modern companies, the data centre is their spinal cord. If this is damaged, it can paralyse all of a company's processes. However, managers also have to keep an eye on the price/performance ratio when it comes to risk prevention. Data centres are faced with numerous risks, including fire, smoke generation, water damage, power failure and overheating. Other disruptive factors include cyber crimes and unauthorised third-party access to data centre rooms. Given the wide variety of threats, a comprehensive security concept plays a key role in all data centre planning and modernisation projects.

Thousands of industries rely heavily on Information Technology (IT) to control and run their business processes. Any downtime or failure of the IT system could result in a loss to the company in profits, customers and future business. Thus companies need a comprehensive risk management plan designed to protect their data centres. Rittal Data Centre Solutions offers three specific products that provide a cost effective way to minimize the risk of damage to IT systems.

Rittal builds security rooms of all sizes and tailors those rooms to suit the client's needs. Modular security rooms allow the client to move or expand with their business, and IT safes provide protection to individual servers. These rooms provide protection against water, fire, smoke, dust, and unauthorized access.

The CMC III Monitoring System monitors and controls the ambient parameters of the environment, including temperature, air pressure, and humidity. The system immediately reports changes, thereby promoting early response to potential threats to the IT system.

Rittal also offers RiZone management software, which integrates the control systems and server management. The software automatically informs the appropriate personnel when measurements in the IT centre move off of defined specifications. The software can also initiate countermeasures if the client desires.

The flexibility of these products provides for an appropriate cost to benefit ratio. This flexibility allows a company to protect IT assets even while its business grows and changes. A comprehensive risk minimization plan implemented using Rittal Date Centre Solutions gives a client peace of mind and a secure IT system.

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Data Centre Security

Data Centre Security

The cost of risk prevention must always be commensurate with the potential economic loss or damage mitigation. Potential risks, such as production downtimes, must always be weighed against the business process target. Rittal offers a broad spectrum of IT security rooms and safes for the physical protection of data centres, IT applications and server rooms against fire, water, dust, fumes and external access.
CMC III Monitoring System

CMC III Monitoring System

A sensor-based solution such as CMC III from Rittal constantly controls ambient parameters, such as temperature, pressure and humidity, and immediately report any deviations. Early detection of the problem is a basic requirement in minimising response times. A monitoring system such as CMC III comes in to ensure the seamless operation of the IT infrastructure.
Data Centre Management

RiZone: Data Centre Management

The RiZone management software, which is based on the CMC, uses intelligent interfaces to incorporate building control systems and server management, thus providing a holistic view of the data centre. The relevant officers are informed automatically as soon as a measurement in the data centre deviates from the defined parameters. If required, countermeasures can also be triggered automatically.