LCP Platform Of The “Blue E” Generation - Versatile And Standardised

Rittal has successfully launched a new cooling system platform based on the Rittal Liquid Cooling Packages (LCP). This way, cooling output is increased, product selection is made easier clearer, service simplified and the need for accessories in storage is reduced. In addition, Rittal has optimised the products' energy efficiency.

Rittal, for decades one of the most trusted names in industrial infrastructure, has announced the debut of a new "Blue E" generation of their climate control systems. The new cooling systems use standardized modules on a greater scale than previous generations, allowing improvements in ease and speed of maintenance and installation. These new systems are nevertheless adaptable to the particular needs of any institution.

All four systems in the line, the Rittal LCP, Rittal LCP Inline, Rittal LCP T3+, and Rittal LCP LWWT, offer a scalable series ranging from 10kW to 60kW, and return unprecedented efficiency for that power. Whatever the customer's needs or existing constraints, Rittal can apply one of the LCP series' strategies for maximum effect and efficiency. The traditional racks of large research facilities, for example may be best served by the Rittal LCP, while the Rittal LCP Inline applies a rack-based approach combined with a partitioned cold aisle. If reliability is of particular concern, the LCP T3+ offers enhanced redundancy for both electrical and water-based components. The exciting LCP LWWT uses a high-efficiency, fan-free system of passive air-water heat exchange. When space is at a premium, The Rittal LCP DX (Direct Exchange, Direct Evaporation) provides the answer for racks or for rows, saving space and complexity by using a non-water coolant.

Therefore, Rittal's new line stands in their proud tradition of German engineering and Australian local convenience, offering the best for whatever needs the customer may present in cooling their data systems.

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The Rittal LCP cooling system platform of the “Blue E” generation is made up of four different climate control systems which share a common architecture and interchangeable components: the Rittal LCP, the Rittal LCP Inline, the Rittal LCP T3+ and the Rittal LCP LWWT.
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