Optimising Data Centre Utilisation with RFID

Few data centres today keep automatic inventories of their servers and infrastructure components. As a result, many IT administrators are unaware of the current utilisation levels of their server racks and IT infrastructure. One solution is the innovative use of state-of-the-art RFID technology, which offers a way of improving the security and efficiency of data centres. The attached technical article from Rittal highlights the importance of implementing a RFID system into one’s data centre and the beneficial results this system will return to the data centres operation.

The advent of technology has dramatically enhanced as data centers have become pinnacle of automatic inventories. IT technology infrastructure has dramatically evolved as RFID technology has become a pinnacle of running and securing data centers. With the advent of running of ERP systems, RFID allows organizations to be cost-efficient especially in the logistics industry. With constant inventory monitoring, logistics is facilitated for vendors and merchants. RFID has allowed organizations to reduce downtime in their data centers and optimization of improved performance. With easy file formats that individuals can utilize, records that are stored in data centers can be easily shared in a dynamic manner. RFID has allowed companies to distinguish products as each tag contains a code that is stored in a database. RFID along with the supplementation of Business Intelligence has allowed a seamless integration of IT servers and software. Customers can dynamically communicate with vendors, which allows vendors to order products in a rapid manner. With an easy GUI for vendors and merchants to track down products, the whole process of conducting commerce in the 21st century has become pivotal. As a pinnacle leader in storing data, Rittal continues to provide prestigious IT solutions to companies. Every component of IT infrastructure such as racks, power, cooling and remote monitoring is offered. With an amazing customer service and powerful web servers, Rittal has become the obvious choice for retailers and vendors.

Technical Article - RFID.pdf

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