Orion Energy chooses Rittal Data Centre Container

Orion Energy chooses Rittal Data Centre Container

After devastating earth quakes severely damaged Orion Energy’s computer facilities – they commissioned Rittal to install a transportable data centre container.

The Rittal Company provides a variety of cooling and energy saving equipment for all companies in Australia and New Zealand, giving necessary solutions to all the data centre needs. This case study was conducted on Orion Energy.

In the wake of the earthquake that damaged Christchurch, New Zealand, Orion commissioned Rittal to build a well-cooled data center to help keep their computer facilities running in good condition. When the earthquakes occurred, the Orion headquarters were badly damaged but its computer system remains functional.

Rittal installed the RDCC (Rittal Data Centre Container) to its main computer network, and within a week following its installation, all the functions and conditions of its central system returned to normal. Orion also chose the Rittal Ambient Air DFC units in an effort to provide a more energy saving application to its computer network, and added fire-proof and weather-proof cables to complement the RDCC.

Within a few weeks, Orion's headquarters were running as normal, but without any additional energy and heat costs.

Many major brands across Australia and New Zealand decide to upgrade their existing data centres, so they turn to Rittal in order to transform and upgrade their existing units into energy-saving, well-cooled and secure facilities. With the help of Rittal, all of the data centres are able to function properly and efficiently, which goes to speak the role Rittal plays in saving the environment.


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