Rittal - CRAC Systems

Rittal CRAC Systems: Fresh power for data centres and server rooms.

The Rittal CRAC system provides top of the line cooling capabilities for server rooms and data centers. The CRAC system takes in the hot air released by your hardware and cools it in an enclosed chamber. From there it blows the cooled, filtered air into the unit's floor. The CRAC system comes in a wide variety of sizes and outputs to suit any and all of your needs. The CRAC system will keep the room temperature stable and the humidity low. Depending on the system's model type the air is cooled with either water or a refrigerant. The frame of the CRAC system is based upon the TS 8 system, and integrates well with most hardware and software. The CRAC system has consistently low energy consumption regardless of the cooling output or the size of the unit. The CRAC system is very user-friendly and has a wide variety of functions and connectivity options. The CRAC system is so high quality because of how well it seamlessly blends cooling capability and maximizes energy and space saving efficiency.

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