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The energy-efficient, mobile, plug-and-play data centre.

Rittal Data Centre Container DCC

If you are looking for a safe way to relocate or expand your mission critical data centre, then look no further than the Data Centre Container DCC. The Rittal Data Centre Container is a single, all-in-one container that requires no additional external installations and can optionally be used as either a temporary or permanent data centre location.

The Data Centre Container DCC will even save you up to 40% on the usual costs for cooling, by using an innovative direct free cooling system and the PUE is below 1.2. The Data Centre Container DCC also comes with a highly efficient Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS).

The Rittal Data Centre Container DCC guarantees seamless integration of a UPS, fire alarm with extinguisher system, solid power distribution, a raised floor and access and monitoring controls using RiZone, bringing you a turnkey solution.

The Fire protection rating for the Rittal Data Centre Container is EN 1363/DIN 4102: F30 and can optionally be F90 tested. The burglar resistance class is WK2, and can optionally be upgraded to WK3.

The Rittal Data Centre Container DCC also has a generous amount of space! The container will house up to 239 U, having 7 racks with 6 Kilowatts of continuous power per rack and a total of 15.2 square meters of useable space.

The Rittal Data Centre Container DCC is a cost-effective solution for temporary or permanent data centre housing.

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