Rittal Extends Power Range for UPS

Rittal, one of the world's leading system suppliers for IT infrastructures, is presenting an upgraded PMC product family with an extended power range. The UPS systems PMC 40 and PMC 120 are designed for medium-sized data centres, and are scalable from 10 to 120 kW. Their high level of efficiency and favourable price are major advantages. In addition, the systems are now suitable to be mounted in 800 and 1,000 mm deep enclosures. As a result, Rittal is reaching a power density of 120 kW within a space confined to half a square metre.

Rittal Data Centre Has Extended UPS Range With Their New PMC 120 & PMC 40 Products

As one of the foremost suppliers to the IT industry, Rittal has long been serving data centres and cooperate facilities around the world. With the release of their new additions to the PMC product line, they have extended power range while maintaining energy efficient solutions for mid-sized data centres.

The new PMC 40 and PMC 120 products provide scalable power ranges from 10 to 120kW and can be placed within enclosures that are only 800 to 1,000mm in depth. These increased range and housing options has made Rittal's new UPS systems capable of producing 120kw within a space as small as 0.5 square metres. This provides space saving solutions for any company's power management plan. In addition to this, the PMC 40 and PMC 120 provide efficient energy consumption and output that can provide reduced costs to many of today's enterprises.

The PMC 40 can be installed with integrated power modules and batteries into just one universal power supply rack. For those who require additional energy, a total of four battery packages and three supply modules can be housed into just one enclosure.

The PMC 120 was designed for maximum output using six 20kw power modules. This can provide power solutions for those who require higher output in a limited space. Although the PMC 120 provides exceptional 20kw module support, 10kw modules can also be used. The PMC 120 provides the same energy efficient operation as the PMC 40, but with additional flexibility and included battery enclosures.

The PMC line of UPS systems have made Rittal Data Centre a valuable asset to the IT community. With a reputable history in providing the utmost in power management solutions, their new PMC40 and PMC120 products provide extended power range, space saving and increased efficiency. In addition to these great benefits, both new UPS systems feature safe swap technology to allow module replacement during operation. The PMC 40 and PMC 120 offer functional, flexible and safe operation to the IT industry.

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