Rittal - Fire Alarm & Extinguisher System

The ideal fire detection and suppression system for server rooms and rack applications.

Putting Out the Fire Quickly and Safely

A fire needs oxygen to burn. It also needs a source of fuel and heat. When a fire starts, most people will spray or throw water on it. This can cause a lot more damage to structures as well as any electronic devices that are in the room.

The Rittal fire alarm and extinguisher system DET-AC XL is not going to cause a lot of damage when it extinguishes the fires. This is a new type of system that will release a gas that is going to deplete any oxygen in the room. The fire is unable to burn when this happens.

There are different sizes available for each individual situation. The size will range from eight racks to twenty-four racks. It is great for IT rooms. Small smoke particles will be detected easily. The gases will be released into the room after a short waiting period when smoke is detected.

This system will not destroy products in the room or cause any water damage. The repairs after a fire will be much cheaper and easier. There will be some things that will have to be repaired or replaced but not because of water damage.

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