Rittal - Mini Data Centre Modular Safe Extend and Light

Protection for distributed IT infrastructure is no longer a problem thanks to the Rittal modular mini data centres. The safes protect their valuable contents against a diversity of physical threats, such as fire, water, smoke gases, dust and unauthorised access.

The Rittal Mini Data Centre Safe Extend and Light provides world-class protection for IT infrastructure. The safe is made from solid, light materials that allow for complete climate control with energy efficiency. For security, there is fire detection and extinguishing, as well as an alarm system to protect against theft. The material is sturdy and protects against fire, water, smoke, and gasses. It is also easy to expand your system as each unit is easy to assemble and reassemble to fit location and expansion needs. The Rittal Mini Date Centre Safe Extend and Light protects IT infrastructures and reduces liability costs like nothing else.

Rittal - Mini Data Centre Modular Safe Extend and Light (1.75MB).pdf

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Modular Safe Extend

Rittal Modular Safe Extend offers a complete range of security for one or more server racks. As well as facilitating installation in poorly accessible sites, the modular design also makes it possible to enclose existing IT structures. Extendibility, dismantling and re-assembly facilitate a targeted, future-safe investment.
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Particularly designed for small and medium-sized enterprises, the Modular Safe Light & Basic Safe Compact are small Data Centre solutions representing an optimum protection concept as a physical cover for individual server racks. The Rittal Modular Safe Light is a basic protection solution for one or more server enclosures or compact data centres. The Rittal Basic Safe Compact offers solid basic protection for miniature data centres.