Rittal & Phoenix Contact - Transparent Energy Measurement for Data Centres

The energy measuring system from Rittal & Phoenix Contact determines not only the total current load at the Ri4Power low-voltage distribution system, but also the values for the individual consumers.

The energy measuring system available from Rittal and partner company Phoenix Contact is the ideal product for transparently measuring the energy consumption of data centres. The energy measuring system is modular, with up to 96 measuring points, and configuration is simplified thanks to auto-detect and plug-and-play features. Detailed metrics allow users to observe the power consumption of the system as a whole and as individual parts, such as the power consumption of the cooling system. The use of SNMP communications expands the functionality of the system to allow for intelligent power distribution. The Rittal and Phoenix Contact energy measuring system aids in the acquisition of all key electrical performance parameters from the data centre.

Transparent Energy Measurement for Data Centres (0.23MB).pdf

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