Rittal - PSM/PCU System

Intelligent power management. Switching and measuring at individual server level.

Operators constantly need to stay aware of the latest hardware performance data. Rittal PSM/PCU systems provide constant targeted data logging and response of individual equipment.

The CMC-TC system is required to allow the PSM/PCU system to contain up to 16 modules. The CMC-TC system also controls the modules and allows remote monitoring via TCP/IP.

In tandem with the CMC-TC, PSM/PCU modules provide features such as: up to 16 modules via a web interface under one IP address, 2-digit local LED 7-segment current display for current values, alarm messages, and LED color coding for assessment per slot. Additionally, the 8 individual slots may be switched separately or jointly with the CMC-TC and have per slot limit configuration.

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