Rittal - with the IBM Systems Director Active Energy Manager

Through the integration of Rittal PSM busbars and sensors, the Active Energy Manager expands the scope of energy management to embrace servers from other manufacturers and permits system operators a more comprehensive overview of data centre energy consumption.

Energy management of a complex data centre is a vital but difficult endeavor if you want to save money and protect your equipment. But this task is made easier with the IBM Systems Director Active Energy Manager, which vastly improves your ability to monitor and control the energy consumption of your system.

The Active Energy Manager integrates Rittal PSM busbars and sensors to allow easier monitoring and correction of all racks components, and even of servers made by other companies. It also expands the areas of energy consumption under your control to heat, pressure and humidity. The CMC III Monitoring System will let you know if there is any deviation from acceptable levels and make it easier to fix the problem before any trouble can begin.

The IBM Systems Director Active Energy Manager could be a great tool for you to prevent energy problems...

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