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Fresh power for data centres and server rooms. Modern IT climate control technology ensures optimum thermal conditions in rooms exposed to high loads, such as data centres and server rooms. The main aim here is to ensure constant temperatures and precise humidity levels.

Continuous-operation designs and redundant systems ensure that all key functions are maintained.

Rittal CRAC systems dissipate waste heat from the IT equipment on demand, ensuring that the overall system operates in the most energy-saving way possible.

The fan is positioned inside the raised floor. This provides for optimal air distribution in the raised floor and also reduces energy consumption by minimising pressure deflection losses.

The integration of a heat exchanger with a larger surface area also enables potential savings in chilled water generation by utilising higher water inlet temperatures.

  • The unit is available in a broad output range, and for a variety of cooling media.
  • The unit supports optimum integration of both hardware and software.
  • Optimum energy and space efficiency thanks to intelligent design features, such as the slanted heat exchanger and base integrated fan.
  • Frame based on the popular TS 8 system.
Functional principle

The CRAC system draws warm waste air from the top of your data centre, cools it with either water or refrigerant in a closed heat exchanger, and blows the cooled, filtered supply air into the unit’s floor with overpressure.


User-friendly, high-quality control with an extensive range of functions and connectivity. Space-saving, readily accessible, high-efficiency fan. Flow and energy-optimised special heat exchanger with a generous safety factor. The standard scope of the system includes the enclosure and the supporting structure for integration into a raised floor, as well as an autonomous controller with graphic display and the integrated filters. Pre-defined component lists permit the project-specific integration of additional options such as a humidifier, an electric heater, diverse interfaces (BACnet, RS485) etc.

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