Fire Alarm And Extinguisher Systems

As well as protecting against potential threats from the environment, the various fire alarm and extinguisher systems focus on identifying and extinguishing a fire inside the data centre. Early fire detection combined with an active extinguisher system prevents the destruction of your IT systems and associated data losses, and therefore safeguards your corporate processes.

Fire Alarm And Extinguisher System DET-AC XL –Fires Are Rapidly Detected And Reliably Extinguished

The Rittal fire alarm and extinguisher system DET-AC XL is a standardised solution for extinguishing individual bayed suites of up to 24 enclosures or entire rooms.

All components of the system are built into a 300 or 600 mm wide TS 8 enclosure, facilitating optimum baying to a suite of server enclosures.

The integral early-warning fi re detection system with active smoke extraction detects fi re even at the pyrolysis phase and emits a pre-alarm. Extinguishing does not occur until the main alarm is triggered, to avoid accidental activation. NOVEC 1230 is used as the extinguisher gas. Rittal DET-ACXL units are installed according to AS14520-2009 (Gas Suppression) and AS16070 Part 1, 2004 (Automatic Fire Detection System).

As Room Application
The DET-AC XL may be used as a room application for rooms up to a volume of 84 m³.
In addition to the early-warning fi re detector with active smoke extraction system, several smoke alarms are also positioned in the room. Extinguishing is activated via cross-zoning.

For The Detection And Extinguishing Of Rack Suites
Up to 24 server enclosures can be detected and extinguished with the DET-AC XL. The system may be installed at the end of a suite of racks, but also between two server enclosures. Piping for the smoke extraction system and extinguisher gas is laid in every enclosure.

Your Rittal Benefits
  • Automatic extinguishing with the extinguisher gas NOVEC 1230, which is eco-friendly and harmless to humans and IT
  • Fire detection at a very early stage (pyrolysis phase)
  • Compact design, modular principle

Fire Alarm And Extinguisher System DET-AC Plus – Smoke Extraction And Active Extinguishing

Rittal DET-AC Plus is a compact fi re alarm and active extinguisher system with smoke extraction system in one unit. The 482.6 mm (19˝ ) rack mount only requires 1 U of space. With the extinguisher NOVEC 1230 integrated in a shallow tank, a volume of up to 3 m³ may be extinguished.

The integral smoke extractor system continuously extracts the air from the enclosure via a pipe, and passes it over two smoke detectors. The fi rst smoke detector is extremely sensitive and triggers a pre-alarm. The second smoke detector triggers the main alarm and hence extinguishing.

In conjunction with the DET-AC Plus slave system, up to five bayed enclosures may be extinguished. For detection purposes, the pipe work from the DET-AC Plus master system is laid in all enclosures.

A DET-AC Plus slave system is positioned in each additional bayed enclosure and contains the extinguisher medium for that enclosure. Detection and activation of extinguishing for all enclosures is handled by the DET-AC Plus master.

Your Rittal Benefits
  • Automatic extinguishing with the extinguisher gas NOVEC 1230, which is eco-friendly and harmless to humans and IT
  • Minimal space requirements with just one U per enclosure
  • Active smoke extraction system and therefore early fi re detection

EFD Plus
For pure fi re detection, the EFD (Early Fire Detection) Plus system is available. EFD Plus is a fast, effective and inex-pensive option for safeguarding corporate processes and preventing physical damage. The active smoke extraction system facilitates early detection. Two smoke sensors of differing sensitivity emit a pre-alarm and a main alarm.

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