IT Chillers – Exceptionally Efficient IT Cooling

The Rittal IT chiller in conjunction with indirect free cooling supplies media for exceptionally energy- and cost-efficient IT cooling. The system is specially designed for supplying critical IT applications cooled via LCP, air/water heat exchangers or CRAC systems. In this atmospherically sealed system, security options such as redundant, speed-regulated pumps, compressors, emergency cooling or buffer stores ensure optimum operational reliability and fail-safeness.

Alongside optional heat recovery from the system, the connection to the Rittal free cooling recooling systems ensures exceptionally energy-efficient operation. Free cooling uses cold ambient air for cooling, reduces operating costs by up to 80%, extends the service life of components, and increases operational reliability. If the free cooling performance is insufficient, the IT chiller will cut in.

IT Chiller
  • Redundant pumps, speed-regulated
  • Redundant scroll compactor
  • Intelligent control concept Interfaces: SNMP, BACnet
  • Integral or separate free coolers (optional)
  • Integral automatic bypass valve
  • Flow monitor
  • Minimisation of operating costs thanks to high water inlet temperatures for LCP and CRAC operation
  • High COP (coeffi cient of performance)
  • Integration into RiZone
  • 15-480 kW units

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