Modular Safe Extend

Maximum Security in A Minimal Space

The Rittal product range offers the ideal solution for every level of business security. Like security rooms, security safes also provide optimum protection against potential physical threats to your IT applications.

IT security = A combination of technical, logical and physical security. As the optimum solution for small and medium-sized enterprises, the Rittal Modular Safe Extend represents one of these pillars by protecting against potential physical threats. The system offers a complete range of security for one or more server racks. As well as facilitating installation in poorly accessible sites, the modular design also makes it possible to enclose existing IT structures. Extendibility, dismantling and re-assembly facilitate a targeted, future-safe investment. The security safe is prepared for the installation of a requirement-based climate control system. The optional configuration components complete the modular safe and transform it into a complete compact data centre. As well as the side, top and base elements, the modular safe is also equipped with an operator door and a service door, to ensure optimum accessibility. There are cable entry systems in both side elements. The safe is available in different variants to match your requirements.

The Protection Categories
  • Fire protection F90 (DIN 4102), compliance with limit values 70°C and relative humidity < 85% for 30 minutes.
  • Burglary protection WK 2 (EN 1627)
  • Optional burglary protection WK 3 and WK 4 (EN 1627)
  • Protection against dust and water jets IP 56 (EN 60529)
  • Protection from acrid gases (DIN 18095)
Your Rittal Benefits With The Modular Safe Extend
  • Extended basic protection for compact data centres
  • System-tested protection
  • Compatibility with other infrastructure elements
  • Systems may be dismantled and reassembled, for maximum investment security
  • Targeted investment, thanks to extendibility
  • High level of pre-production of elements, which reduces dust and noise during assembly
  • Flexibly by enclosing existing IT structures
  • High level of operational and service-friendliness thanks to the two-door system
  • Numerous options available
  • Available in 42 U and 47 U
  • Available for 1,000 mm and 1,200 mm deep racks

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