Modular Safe Light & Basic Safe Compact

Flexible Protection For Compact And Miniature Data Centres

Particularly for small and medium-sized enterprises, the compact safes represent an optimum protection concept as a physical cover for individual server racks.

Modular Safe Light

The Rittal Modular Safe Light is a basic protection solution for one or more server enclosures or compact data centres. Thanks to its reduced weight, the Modular Safe Light is also particularly suitable for locations with limited floor load-bearing capacity. As an optional single-door system the safe also offers a solution for confined spaces.

Your Rittal Benefits With The Modular Safe Light
  • System testing for single safe with two-door system
  • Weight reduction
  • Available in 47 U and 33 U for 1,000 mm deep racks
  • Fire protection F30
  • Anti-theft protection WK 2
Basic Safe Compact

The Rittal Basic Safe Compact offers solid basic protection for miniature data centres. The climate control is integrated into the system. The protection categories: Fire protection F90 (DIN 4102) with compliance with the limits 70°C and rel. humidity < 85% over 10 minutes, protection against dust and water jets IP55 (EN 60529) and burglary protection WK 2 (EN 1627).
The system is assembled in the factory and delivered in an operational condition.

Your Rittal Benefi ts With The Basic Safe Compact
  • Basic protection for miniature data centres
  • Delivery of the complete system with built-in climate control
  • Compatibility with other infrastructure elements
  • High level of operational and service-friendliness thanks to the two-door system

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