Network Cabinets, 19 Inch Racks, Cooling Racks

Plan your IT system with the best network enclosure for your requirements!

Customers’ requirements of network racks can be extremely varied.

With this in mind, Rittal offers two different network rack systems with outstanding design features for a variety of applications.

High Performance Cooling Racks

The next generation of self-cooled racks for high density deployments in data centres.

Supply includes
  • Enclosure frame with doors and rear panel
  • Roof plate
  • Gland plate, 482.6 mm (19˝) interior installation
  • Earthing of all panels
  • Levelling feet fitted.


Network Enclosures TS 8

Design Features

  • Robust welded frame structure
  • Front and rear door fully vented; vented surface area > 82%
  • Tool-less adjustment of mounting angles reduces equipment deployment time
  • Vendor neutrality, thanks to infinite adjustment of mounting angles
  • Cable entry via the roof and base
  • 2-piece side panels
  • Static load capacity of up to 1200 kg
  • Castors and levelling feet on each model
  • Quick release tool less 19” rails

Network Enclosures TE 7000

Top efficiency, the global IT network and server enclosure.

Ready to use for network distribution. As little as possible, as much as necessary - the rack for rational, cost-effective cabling.

In depths of up to 100mm, the TE 7000 server rack offers rational, cost-effective solution to your server room and data centre requirements with a stable, depth-variable 19 inch data rack. Optimum installation access with the doors and walls removed.

Robust from the inside out, the TE 7000 boasts a robust frame comprising two 19 inch attachment levels. Add to this a host of useful rack accessories from Rittal’s comprehensive modular system, and you will arrive at the precise configuration which meets your requirements to perfection.

Design Features

  • No frame structure
  • Optimum accessibility
  • Simple assembly
  • Readily dismantled and thus, easily installed


Distributor Racks


  • Optimum accessibility from all sides during assembly and installation
  • Unrestricted airflow, due to the open design
  • Standard cable trays in the roof area for larger quantities of cables
  • The distance between attachement levels is infinitely variable

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