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The Rittal range of power products is supplemented by an extensive offering of accessories to ensure the perfect solution for you.

UPS Accessories

UPS Monitoring – Reliable Protection Of Your UPS Systems

There are various options for monitoring Rittal UPS systems. The available floating contacts may be used with the PMC. There is optionally a relay card for the PMC 12 which may be inserted into the extension slot and which transmits fault messages for forwarding to the building control system.

Detailed information on the operating status of the UPS system, including the charging status of the battery, is sent to a website via a network monitoring card (SNMP card). In the event of an alarm, it is also possible to send a warning e-mail. Via this network card, servers may also be shut down individually or in groups according to predefined rules before the battery capacity is exhausted.

In order for the server to be able to respond to commands from the UPS, a small software tool is required for each server which receives the commands from the UPS and forwards them to the respective operating system. To this end, Rittal uses special shut-down software (RCCMD client software) which may be used for all UPS systems sold by Rittal.

Rittal PMC UPS Systems For Data Centres
  • Flexibly extendible, rack-mounted modular UPS
  • Choice of redundancy concepts
  • High energy and cost efficiency, thanks to a high level of efficiency and maximum supply reliability with double conversion technology
  • Transformerless design, compact systems, high performance density
  • Maximum availability of the entire system
  • No system disturbance in case of unbalanced load (PMC 40/200/800)
  • Various UPS climate control concepts plus network-based UPS and battery monitoring
  • Comprehensive service and maintenance concepts
Cabinet PDUs

These Rails provide AC and DC Cabinet Power Distribution Units as well as a full line of Fail Safe Transfer Switches. These devices manage everything from basic power distribution and load current monitoring to secure remote access, management and control of the power and network devices within a data centre equipment cabinet Features of these product include LED digital display indicator, IP based remote power management, ability to view power, temperature and humidity levels & receive SNMP-based alarms when conditions exceed defined thresholds.

Product offers ranging from Combine Power Distribution with the ability to monitor network equipment power draws. Each Metered Cabinet Power Distribution Unit’s (PDUs) LED digital display indicator provides an accurate, real-time reading of the aggregate power load in amps on each power circuit in the rack. (Metered) Control network access to remote sites and data centre equipment with IP-based remote power management (switched).

Data centre managers need solutions such as Sentry Switch POPS (Outlet Power Sensing) units that monitor, track and manage servers and IT equipment and the equipment cabinet infrastructure that houses them. (POPS) Use the network interface via Web browser, or receive SNMP-based alarms when conditions exceed defined thresholds (Smart).

Smart CDU

The Smart Cabinet Distribution Unit (CDU) provides reliable power distribution combined with local and networked power monitoring and environmental monitoring* via IP. Use the network interface to view power, temperature and humidity levels via Web browser, or receive SNMP based alarms and email alerts when conditions exceed defined thresholds.

Switched® CDU

The Switched Cabinet Distribution Units (CDU) family combines network configuration and management with power distribution, power and environmental monitoring. Reboot a single or dual power server with one command and receive SNMP or email based alerts when power or environmental conditions exceed thresholds. Assign users specific access rights to designated outlets or groups.

Sentry: POPS Switched® CDU

Cabinet Power Distribution Unit with Per Outlet Power Sensing Sentry POPS (Per Outlet Power Sensing) combines all the features and functions of a Switched CDU with the ability to provide power monitoring per an individual outlet/device includes current, voltage, power (kW) apparent power, crest factor and power factor. Using our grouping technology, power information is available per device, groups of devices (application), individual CDU or cabinet.

Sentry Power Manager

Manage multiple CDU’s across multiple locations.

Do you have multiple Sentry™ CDU’s in one or more locations that you would like to access from one central point?

Would you like one central location where all alarms can be viewed and logged for reporting, email or SNMP trap notifications?

No problem!

Our Sentry Power Manager (SPM) product is capable of monitoring and managing multiple Sentry devices in IP based enterprise networks. SPM provides a global view of all Sentry CDU’s with the ability to view devices based on their temperature, humidity, current and device status. Besides managing and monitoring all alarm conditions, this information can also be used to provide reporting and tending information for display within SPM or integrated with your existing Building Management System (BMS).

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