Power Monitoring & Management

If you’re operating mission critical systems and relying on the protection of a UPS and battery bank, then it has to make sense to have battery monitoring. It’s about peace of mind – knowing that the batteries are healthy and being constantly monitored. Knowing that everything has been done, that can be done, to protect your enterprise from the consequences of a power failure.

Rittal Battery Monitoring Features
  • 24/7 alarm notification
  • Automatic capture and recording of data during fl oat, charge, discharge & idle.
  • Compatible with float & intermittent charging
  • Rapid voltage sampling - all batteries simultaneously every 4 seconds.
  • Built in intelligence - battery state recognition & self calibration for reliable impedance
  • User defined alarm limits
  • On-board memory
  • Sealed, vented, Ni-Cd batteries
  • Flexible to suit battery model & application
  • Designed to allow IEEE/IEC best practice
Data Presentation Is The Key For Efficient Management

A single Rittal system can monitor up to 1,280 batteries.
Connecting multiple systems via Rittal Link battery management software gives visibility to an unlimited number of batteries from a single desk. Rittal offers:
  • WAN/LAN integration for remote monitoring via Link software
  • RS 232 connection for local battery service & diagnosis
  • SNMP or Modbus interface to Building Management Systems
  • Dry contacts for alarm output
Ensure that you can see and understand what is happening in your battery room.

Link Battery Management Software
  • Proactive management tool
  • Permanent connection to multiple sites
  • Real time battery status
  • Alarm & activity log with on-screen pop-ups and email alerts
  • Live discharge display
  • Automated data management with RDBMS storage
  • Battery history database for life trending
  • Point & click report generation

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