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RiZone is the management platform for all components in the data centre infrastructure. The system enables the monitoring of redundant data centres (up to Tier IV). RiZone is quickly configured via the automatic recognition of all active Rittal system components, and thanks to a modular licence model is tailored precisely to the requirements of your IT applications.

The administration of the physical infrastructure (from server racks to large Mega-Watt data centres) is efficient, highly flexible and ensures high availability. RiZone can communicate with a server management system (e.g. System Centre Operations Manager from Microsoft) and exert direct influence over the availability of individual applications. Only the consistent merging of information from the data centre will allow the availability status of the IT infrastructure to be accurately assessed. With this information, weaknesses can be automatically detected and eliminated.

Rittal RiZone allows energy consumption in the data centre to be adjusted and optimised.

Your Rittal Benefits
  • Cockpit software to manage data centres in multiple locations
  • Optimised availability
  • Simplification by reducing complexity
  • Enhanced efficiency of the data centre
  • Individual representation of the entire IT infrastructure
  • Diagrammatic representation of history values
  • Calculation of variables such as PUE
  • Automatic generation of reports
  • Automatic detection of Rittal system components
  • Support of the SNMP protocol
  • Workflow editor for automated processes
  • High-MBTF application
  • Link to server management system
  • Selectable software or hardware appliance
RiZone provides optimum support for all Rittal products from this area. RiZone also supports:
  • Asset management/inventory monitoring
  • Incorporation of building control systems (via a partner interface)
  • Precise adaptation to requirements thanks to a flexible license model
  • High availability requirements of a data centre

RiZone also permits the integration in a management system such as the Microsoft System Center Operations Manager. RiZone essentially consists of the following modules:

Autodiscovery: Automated detection of all active RiMatriX5 products and acquisition of their provided parameters (third-party products can be entered and integrated manually).

Communication Modules: Communication with the outside world using interface driver

Workflows: This module allows the user to define individual rules for generation of diagrams and reports, or for real control loops for infrastructure components.

Visualisation: The visualisation module processes all user requests and representations, for example trend analyses.

Project planning: The project planning can be used to assign the devices detected in Autodiscovery to the graphic image of the IT infrastructure.

Administration: The rights settings, the licensing and the configurations are made in the administration module.

Core & Database: High availability core for the fast analysis and processing of all information and orders, and the saving of the configurations and the “historic values” in a high-performance SQL database

RiZone provides a standard SNMP interface with associated MIB with integration into the following:

IBM – Tivoli
IBM provides with Tivoli management software that manages the servers and the applications that run on them. RiZone supports an SNMP connection to IBM Tivoli. To do this, the Tivoli user must know the RiZone MIB in order to interpret the associated alarms and parameter values.

HP OpenView
HP offers with HP Openview a comprehensive package for administering server infrastructures and their applications, whose most important components are the Network Mode Manager (monitoring of the network components, i.e. routers and switches) and OpenView Operations (application and system management). RiZone supports an SNMP connection to HP OpenView. To do this, the user must know the RiZone MIB in order to interpret the alarms and parameter values.

Incorporation into Microsoft Operations Manager
The Microsoft System Center Operations Manager permits a comprehensive status monitoring of IT services, servers, applications and clients. This covers the monitoring of distributed applications with all dependencies. A proactive fault correction and an integrated expert knowledge support the IT administrator here. The high level of automation reduces the complexity, in particular in large distributed systems.

A decisive performance characteristic of the Microsoft System Centre Operations Manager is its interoperability and expandability using Management Packs.

RiZone Management Pack
Management Packs contain best-practice knowledge that allows problems of certain components to be detected, monitored and rectified. Management Packs contain state models for the analysis of

  • Power
  • Availability
  • Configuration and security settings
  • State of dependent components

A Management Pack also implements the connection to RiZone. The Operations Manager shows here the view of the IT infrastructure as RiZone. All important alarms and relevant parameters from the IT infrastructure are shown in the Operation Manager user interface

  • Security information
  • Consumption figures
  • Efficiency

A RiZone call from the Operation Manager can fetch detailed information.

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