UPS PMC 200 | 3-Phase, outage range scalable 8-1200kW

Rittal PMC 200 ensures optimum availability for critical applications by combining modularity (flexible, unlimited scalability and redundancy, whereby up to 20 modules may be switched in parallel) with decentralised parallel architecture or DPA (redundant protection without a “single point of failure”). The UPS modules are transformer less, genuine online, double-conversion UPSs with static bypass and classification code VFI-SS-111.

This modular concept keeps the purchasing and operating costs of redundant solutions exceptionally low. As your performance requirements grow, the UPS grows with you, thanks to its flexible scalability – even in the most confined spaces, and with the system operational.

A Safe Investment
Almost Unlimited Scalability up to 30 PMC modules may be gradually switched in parallel i.e. in order to supply 800 kW without redundancy or 1200 kW N+1 (with 40 kW modules) uninterrupted. May be upgraded with the system operational; no need to switch over to an unprotected network.

The benefits to you
  • Pay as you grow approach, minimising CAPEX whilst retaining flexibility for the future
  • Highest levels of availability thanks to short MTTR and long MTBF
  • Rightsizing of UPS provides better efficiencies for redundancy
  • Safe swap technology enables modules to be removed or added without any downtime
  • High efficiency even at low loads
  • No single point of failure in overall architecture
  • No de-rating of UPS with leading power factors up to 0.9

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