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Data Centre Cooling SystemsRittal offers a complete range of IT cooling systems; CRAC, in line/ in row, chillers, condensers, pipe installations, water distribution cabinets and water heat exchangers. 

Climate control of your data centre plays a particularly important role in availability and energy costs. With Rittal IT Cooling infrastructure, we develop and implement high-efficiency climate control solutions on your behalf. This offers added security and greater energy as well as cost efficiency, yet the computer and server performance remains the same.

The big Rittal benefit to you: You receive state-of-the-art, high-efficiency climate control technology plus planning, assembly, commissioning and service, all from a one-stop supplier. All components and operations are optimally coordinated with each other. The solutions we develop are precisely tailored to the requirements of your data centre, down to the last detail.

Rittal offers rack, row and room-based cooling solutions based on water, refrigerent and ambient air that reduce investment and running costs, plus protects the environment with resource and CO2 savings.

On average, 30 - 50% of the energy costs in data centres are attributable to the cooling infrastructure. For this reason, Rittal focuses particular attention on energy-efficient cooling components and cross-system control concepts.




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Rittal Range of Data Centre Cooling Solutions