Data Centre Security Rooms and Safes

IT Security Rooms And Safes

Data Centre Security Rooms and SafesWith Rittal IT security rooms and security safes, we offer a broad spectrum of products for the physical protection of your IT, ranging from basic protection through to high-MTBF protection. The system-tested solutions protect against fire, water, dust, fumes and external access. With the modular room-within-a-room solution, you invest and expand according to your individual requirements, while the option to dismantle and reassemble the system ensures flexibility and protects your investment.

The Rittal complete security solution also includes climate control, power distribution, an uninterruptible power supply, monitoring, fire detection and extinguishing.

The Benefits To You
  • Protection ranging from basic protection to high-MTBF
  • Simple, flexible integration into existing building structures
  • Expandability and lasting cost-effectiveness
  • Optimum space utilisation, thanks to the flexible modular system
  • Flexibility, by enclosing existing IT and infrastructure solutions
  • System-tested protection from potential physical threats
  • Room-within-a-room concept with the associated depreciation benefits
  • Compatibility with RimatriX5 solutions
  • High level of pre-manufacturing – fast assembly times
  • May be constructed and extended with the IT systems operational
  • Plus: The Data Centre Container as a temporary main or backup data centre for outdoor areas


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Rittal Range of Data Centre Security Solutions