Server Room Cooling

Server Room CoolingRittal high performance cooling and liquid cooling package are important links in the IT security chain.

As packaging densities continue to rise, active rack control is indispensable.

Added to this is the fact that IT racks are often positioned in rooms without adequate air conditioning.

This means stress for the sensitive electronics. Consequently, active and direct enclosure climate control is the optimum cooling choice.

The benefits are twofold: when climate control and ventilation are ideal, computing processes are able to run efficiently.

This means an uninterrupted data flow, which in turn translates into non-stop productivity.

Cooling Variants:

Passive Cooling:

The perforations in the doors or openings in the base/plinth and roof ensure maximum air throughput

Active Cooling:

  • Room:
    The fans built into the rack ensure a permanent through-flow. In this way, heat energy is emitted directly to the ambient air. Specifically for low and medium output ranges.
  • Rack:
    This variant allows reliable climate control of sealed racks even in difficult ambient parameter such as heat and dust. Ideal for medium output ranges

High-Performance Cooling:

High heat losses resulting from high packaging densities (example blade server technology) are reliably and efficiently dissipated on a rack-specific basis using products from the LCP family.

Climate control concepts from Rittal help to minimise investment costs and maximise investment reliability.

With scalable climate control concepts such as the Liquid Cooling Package or direct CPU cooling, data centres may be extended in a temperature-neutral way, without needing to modify the room

IT cooling with the LCP improves cost-effectiveness and grows along with your requirements for enhanced cooling performance. The pressure on room cooling is relieved, thanks to this rack-based, scalable cooling solution


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