Server Room Monitoring

Server Room MonitoringRittal’s Rizone acts as cockpit software to effectively manage your server room remotely.

- Rizone is quickly configured for automatic recognition of all active Rittal system components

- Our modular licence, RiZone can be precisely tailored to your specific IT requirements and applications

- Linking the physical infrastructure of your server room to server and application management achieves consistent monitoring of the IT services

- Early detection allows prompt action be taken and ensures compliance with SLAs


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Rittal Range of Data Centre Monitoring Solutions

CMC III Monitoring System

CMC III Monitoring System

The CMC III monitoring system sets new standards with regard to simple assembly and configuration

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Dynamic Rack Control

Dynamic Rack Control

Dynamic Rack Control brings genuine intelligence to the IT rack; after all, the control system “thinks” for itself

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RiZone – Perfect Data Centre Management

RiZone – Perfect Data Centre Management

RiZone is the management platform for all components in the data centre

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