Data Centre Design

Data Centre Design Services

Data Centre DesignThe Rittal brand is synonymous with system expertise. In addition to comprehensive advice and planning services, our flexible product spectrum offers tailor-made solutions for all your applications. It goes without saying that our comprehensive solutions include the complete infrastructure, backed up by reliable, global service.

Data Centre Power Design

Data Centre Power DesignRittal offers maximum system reliability to develop future-oriented solutions for power supply and all aspects of power management. Innovative Rittal power concepts for energy distribution and protection accommodate all your redundancy, scalability and availability requirements, coupled with maximum efficiency.

The IT power concept from Rittal combines the requirements of redundancy, scalability and availability into one system, with due regard for power distribution and back-up, and the added benefit of outstanding energy efficiency.

Rittal develops individual UPS concepts on your behalf for the reliable backup of corporate processes where availability is crucial. We will precisely analyse your IT systems to determine which systems are best capable of supporting the critical load in a worst-case scenario. Our aim is to ensure maximum availability of the connected infrastructure, maximum energy efficiency, and exceptional protection for your investment.

Data Centre Cooling Design

Data Centre Cooling DesignClimate control of your data centre plays a particularly important role in terms of availability and energy costs. With the special Rittal liquid cooling concepts, we develop and implement high-efficiency climate control solutions on your behalf. This offers added security and greater energy and cost efficiency, yet the computer and server performance remains the same.

The big Rittal benefit to you: You receive state-of-the-art, high-efficiency climate control technology plus planning, assembly, commissioning and servicing, all from a single supplier. All components and operations are optimally coordinated with each other. The solutions we develop are precisely tailored to the requirements of your data centre, down to the last detail.

Comprehensive product solutions for:

  • Enclosure-based climate control solutions
  • Room-based climate control solutions

Rittal recommends its turnkey philosophy for cooling IT operating environments.

This refers to a complete cooling solution, from the IT chiller through to energy-efficient refrigeration with free cooling concepts, including the entire Rittal piping system with hydraulic separating filter and redundant media pumping. The range also includes customised cooling units for direct cooling of hardware or for conventional cooling using a raised floor for air distribution.

Data Centre Infrastructure Design

Data Centre Infrastructure DesignThe comprehensive problem-solving expertise of the Rittal “Complete IT Competence” experts helps to minimise interfaces and complexity, and accelerate procedures. Rittal provides this value-add for customers through the harmonious interactions its larger group of companies.

Rittal Complete IT Competence offers a worldwide alliance with a global presence and international service power. Rittal is a leading supplier of complete data centres, as well as physical data and system protection systems, network and server enclosures, power system, cooling concepts and remote monitoring packages.

Rittal also supplies integrated solutions – up to Level 4. This comprises mechanical installation, power supply, electronic components, climate control and central monitoring.

Only infrastructures with coordinated components will achieve full performance in the long term. Rittal incorporates this into the planning stage, and you will reap the benefits with regard to implementation and service. You will receive modular, scalable solutions from a single source – cooling, power, security room, monitoring, management and service. “Rittal – The System. Faster – better – worldwide.”

The components we have selected for you are tried and tested, thereby reducing any required adjustments between equipment and solutions from possible external suppliers to a bare minimum. As a complete supplier, we will also optimise the interactions between hardware and individual data centre software on your behalf in the following areas: Settings, monitoring, process optimisation, efficiency control, emergency messages, maintenance etc. With our global, solid experience and broad product portfolio, we will create a secure, highly efficient basis for your entire IT infrastructure. You will benefit immediately from maximum performance capability, combined with permanent reliability, stability and availability.