Ups Systems

Ups SystemsRittal offers a range of modular UPS systems for increased flexibility.

The Power Module Concept (PMC) UPS system from Rittal allows for gradual expansion

Ensuring UPS protection of all processes whose availability is crucial is more than just a question of kilowatts, autonomy and UPS redundancy. The key is to protect the critical load with high UPS efficiency

The efficient Power Modular Concept PMC is the scalable UPS concept from Rittal for a protected power supply. Its modularity, coupled with the unique Decentralised Parallel Architecture (DPA), ensure a high degree of availability for critical applications and requirement-based investments.

The adaptive Rittal UPS concept accommodates versatile data centre requirements and is easily expanded with additional, safe-swappable UPS modules. High initial investments for first-time installation are avoided, thanks to the modular design concept, since UPS capacities may be upgraded at any time as and when required. The adaptive concept allows you to invest as your requirements grow. This modular rack-mounted concept keeps the purchasing and operating costs of redundant solutions low. As your performance requirements grow, the UPS grows with you, thanks to its flexible scalability – even in the most confined spaces, and with the system operational.

Your benefits: Less capital tie-up, inexpensive expansion, and minimal space requirements. The high efficiency of the UPS of 95% load, and in the partial load range from just 25% load, ensures that operating costs in the data centre are kept to a minimum.

Convincing benefits:

  • “N+1” technology in a single rack
  • True rack-mounted modularity
  • Service-friendly, thanks to the modular layout, plus short MTTR
  • High level of efficiency
  • 8-40 kW modules
  • 200 kW per rack
  • Classification VFI-SS-111


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Rittal Range of Data Centre Power Management Solutions

UPS PMC 12 | Single-phase, output range 1-12 kVA n+1

UPS PMC 12 | Single-phase, output range 1-12 kVA n+1

Double-conversion technology provides the basis for an optimum supply voltage to all connected loads.

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UPS PMC 40 | 3-phase, output range scalable 10-40 kW

UPS PMC 40 | 3-phase, output range scalable 10-40 kW

PMC 40 - compact, rack-independent UPS system (up to 40 kW, 3-phase) This uses “double conversion” UPS technology

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UPS PMC 120 | Modular UPS System (up to 120 kW)

UPS PMC 120 | Modular UPS System (up to 120 kW)

UPS power modules operate according to the double conversion principle (classification to VFI-SS-111)

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UPS PMC 200 | 3-Phase, outage range scalable 8-1200kW

UPS PMC 200 | 3-Phase, outage range scalable 8-1200kW

Rittal PMC 200 ensures optimum availability for critical applications by combining modularity

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Power Monitoring & Management

Power Monitoring & Management

If you’re operating mission critical systems and relying on the protection of a UPS and battery bank, then it has to make sense to have battery monitoring.

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Power Distribution Units & Rails

Power Distribution Units & Rails

The Rittal range of power products is supplemented by an extensive offering of accessories to ensure the perfect solution for you.

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